race discrimination

race discrimination
adverse treatment on grounds of race. The employment law of the UK provides protection against racial discrimination in addition to the rights of employers under the law on unfair dismissal provided by the Race Relations Act 1976. Racial discrimination occurs if a person treats a person less favourably than he treats others on racial grounds. Anti-avoidance measures abound so that the imposition of a condition that only a very small proportion of persons of the complainer's racial group could fulfil is struck at unless justifiable on other grounds and is detrimental to the com-plainer. Segregation, colour and nationality of ethnic origin can be the focus for such discrimination. It is against these rules to offer different conditions of employment or different promotion possibilities. It strikes at the offering of employment in the first place so that employers cannot discriminate by not offering jobs on racial grounds. The law applies to many bodies other than employers in the private sector. A person may complain to the employment tribunals. The House of Lords has held that subconscious discrimination can be unlawful: Nagarajan v . London Regional Transport [1999] TLR 538.

Collins dictionary of law. . 2001.

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