trade descriptions

trade descriptions
It is a criminal offence to apply false descriptions as to the quantities or price of goods or services unless appropriate care was taken. The principal legislation is the Trade Descriptions Act 1968, and the Consumer Protection Act (Part III) 1987.

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trade descriptions
an indication, direct or indirect and by whatever means, given of a range of matters relating to goods, such as their quality, size, fitness for purpose, and history. Such have been controlled for some time but most notably by the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 (as amended by the Consumer Protection Act 1987). False trade description, making one that is false to a material degree, constitutes an offence. A misleading trade description is deemed to be a false trade description. It is defence to show that the commission of the defence was due to another person and that all reasonable precautions were taken to prevent the offence. The Act protects consumers by utilising the criminal law in support of the civil law.

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