ex·tra·or·di·nary /ek-'stȯr-də-ˌner-ē, ˌek-strə-'ȯr-/ adj
1 a: going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary; specif: of, relating to, or having the nature of a proceeding or action not normally required by law or not prescribed for the regular administration of law
an extraordinary session of the legislature
granted extraordinary relief compare ordinary
b: of or relating to a financial transaction that is not expected to be repeated
an extraordinary charge against earnings
an extraordinary gain
2: employed for or sent on a special function or service
an ambassador extraordinary

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I adjective above average, amazing, beyond the ordinary, curious, different, especial, exceeding the usual, exceptional, extraordinarius, infrequent, inusitatus, irregular, notable, noteworthy, novus, out of the ordinary, out of the regular order, outstanding, peculiar, phenomenal, rare, remarkable, singular, special, supernormal, unaccustomed, uncommon, uncustomary, unequalled, unexampled, unfamiliar, unheard of, unique, unordinary, unparalleled, unprecedented, unusual, worthy of attention, worthy of regard associated concepts: extraordinary care, extraordinary circumstances, extraordinary expenses, extraordinary grand jury, extraordinary peril, extraordinary prerogative writ, extraordinary purpose, extraordinary remedy, extraordinary risks, extraordinary services, extraordinary session foreign phrases:
- Ubi cessat remedlum ordlnarium, ibi decurritur ad extraordlnarium. — Where an ordinary remedy fails, than resort must be made to an extraordinary one.
- Recurrendum est ad extraordlnarium quando non valet ordlnarium. — Resort must be made to the extraordinary when the ordinary does not succeed
- Nunquam decurritur ad extraordlnarium sed ubi deficit ordlnarium. — Resort is never made to the extraordinary until the ordinary fails
II index best, eccentric, individual, infrequent, inordinate, irregular (not usual), major, meritorious, notable, noteworthy, novel, outstanding (prominent), paramount, particular (specific), peculiar (distinctive), portentous (eliciting amazement), preferential, priceless, prodigious (amazing), rare, remarkable, renowned, salient, singular, special, stellar, sterling, unaccustomed, uncommon, unique, unprecedented, unusual

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

Unusual, remarkable.

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

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