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Also known as hypertext link. Web (web) pages which are generated in hypertext mark-up language (HTML), the language of the world wide web, and can be easily linked to one another. In the context of the web, a hyperlink or link for short, is a selectable connection from one word or picture to another. The most common form of link on the web is the highlighted word or picture that can be selected by the user (by clicking on the link with a mouse or in some other fashion), resulting in the immediate delivery and a view of different information, whether on the same or different website. The web allows the user to search for information quickly and easily by employing the links to take him from one web page to another without having to perform a new search each time.
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linking, Also known as hyperlinking.
A technology that enables users of electronic documents (such as web pages and e-mail messages) to view either a different document or another part of the same document by clicking on specially coded text (hypertext), icons or other graphic images (collectively referred to as links or hyperlinks). By clicking on a link in a webpage, the user effectively instructs the browser program to display the linked page, either in place of the original page or in a new browser window or tab, depending on how the link was coded (compare to framing). The owner of a website controls the destination corresponding to each of the links within the site, but any of the linked pages might be part of unaffiliated third-party sites. For example, most banner ads on the web include links to the advertiser's website and search engine results pages link to numerous third-party sites.
For more information, see Practice Note, Online Advertising and Marketing: Linking, Framing, Metatags, Banners, Pop-Ups and Keywords (www.practicallaw.com/4-500-4232).

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