index cell, section (division), subdivision, zone

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  • Compartment — may refer to: Biology Compartment (anatomy), a space of connective tissue between muscles Compartment (chemistry), in which different parts of the same protein serves different functions Compartment (development), fields of cells of distinct cell …   Wikipedia

  • Compartment — Com*part ment, n. [F. compartiment, OF. compartir to divide. See {Compart}.] 1. One of the parts into which an inclosed portion of space is divided, as by partitions, or lines; as, the compartments of a cabinet, a house, or a garden. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • compartment — 1560s, from M.Fr. compartiment part partitioned off (16c.), through It. compartimento, from L.L. compartiri to divide, from com , intensive prefix (see COM (Cf. com )), + partis, gen. of pars part (see PART (Cf. part) (n.)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • compartment — [n] section, subdivision alcove, area, bay, berth, booth, carrel, carriage, category, cell, chamber, corner, cubbyhole, cubicle, department, division, hole, locker, niche, nook, part, piece, pigeonhole, place, portion, slot, stall; concept 434 …   New thesaurus

  • compartment — ► NOUN 1) a separate section of a structure or container. 2) a division of a railway carriage marked by partitions. DERIVATIVES compartmental adjective compartmentally adverb. ORIGIN French compartiment, from Latin compartiri divide …   English terms dictionary

  • compartment — [kəm pärt′mənt; ] for v [., kəm pärt′ment΄, kəm pärt′mənt] n. [Fr compartiment < It compartimento < compartire,COMPART] 1. any of the divisions into which a space is partitioned off 2. a separate section, part, division, or category vt.… …   English World dictionary

  • compartment — See battery compartment cassette compartment cluttered engine compartment crowded engine compartment engine compartment glove compartment passenger compartment …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • compartment — n. 1) a glove compartment 2) a first class; second class compartment 3) a watertight compartment * * * [kəm pɑːtmənt] second class compartment a first class a glove compartment a watertight compartment …   Combinatory dictionary

  • compartment — [[t]kəmpɑ͟ː(r)tmənt[/t]] compartments 1) N COUNT A compartment is one of the separate spaces into which a railway carriage is divided. On the way home we shared our first class compartment with a group of businessmen. 2) N COUNT A compartment is… …   English dictionary

  • compartment */ — UK [kəmˈpɑː(r)tmənt] / US [kəmˈpɑrtmənt] noun [countable] Word forms compartment : singular compartment plural compartments 1) one of the separate parts of a container or place where things are stored the freezer compartment of a fridge She found …   English dictionary

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