I (affiliated) adjective affinitive, allied, amalgamated, apposite, appurtenant, attached, bracketed, coadunate, cognate, coherent, communicating, compact, confederate, congenerous, congenial, conjoint, connatural, consanguineous, consecutive, consolidated, contiguous, continual, continuous, corporate, coupled, federate, germane, homogenous, inseparable, joined, kindred, knit, leagued, related, spliced, unbroken, undivided, united associated concepts: connected causes of action, connected counterclaims, connected subjects contained in a bill II (apropos) adjective akin, applicable, appropriate, associated, collateral, combined, consonant, continued, correlative, linked, pertinent, relevant, uninterrupted III index affiliated, akin (germane), allied, apposite, appurtenant, associated, attached (annexed), coadunate, cognate, coherent (joined), cohesive (sticking), collateral (accompanying), composite, compound, concurrent (united), conjoint, consecutive, contiguous, correlative, direct (uninterrupted), germane, incident, inextricable, interested, interrelated, pertinent, proximate, related, relative (relevant), relevant, tangential

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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