emanate in rays

emanate in rays
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  • cosmic rays — /kɒzmɪk ˈreɪz/ (say kozmik rayz) plural noun radiation of extremely high penetrating power originating from various sources outside the earth s atmosphere, consisting principally of charged particles moving at nearly the velocity of light. Low… …  

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  • radiate — I verb beam, branch out, coruscate, diffuse, disperse, emanate in rays, emit heat, emit rays, exude, fulgere, irradiate, issue rays, overspread, radiare, ramify, reflect, scatter, send, send forth, shed, splay, spread, throw off heat, throw out,… …   Law dictionary

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  • radiate — I. v. n. 1. Shine, gleam, emit rays, beam, glitter. 2. Issue in rays, emanate in rays. 3. Emit heat, throw off heat, be radiant. II. v. a. Emit (heat or light) in straight lines. III. a. 1 …   New dictionary of synonyms

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