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  • Imperturbation — Im*per tur*ba tion, n. [L. imperturbatio.] Freedom from agitation of mind; calmness; quietude. W. Montagu. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • imperturbation — [im΄pər tər bā′shən] n. [LL(Ec) imperturbatio: see IN 2 & PERTURBATION] freedom from excitement; serenity; calmness …   English World dictionary

  • imperturbation — /im peuhr teuhr bay sheuhn/, n. freedom from perturbation; tranquillity; calmness. [1640 50; < LL imperturbation (s. of imperturbatio). See IM 2, PERTURBATION] * * * …   Universalium

  • imperturbation — (|)im+ noun Etymology: Late Latin imperturbation , imperturbatio, from Latin in in (I) + perturbation , perturbatio perturbation more at perturbation : freedom from agitation : calmness, quietude …   Useful english dictionary

  • imperturbation — im·perturbation …   English syllables

  • imperturbation — /ˌɪmpɜtəˈbeɪʃən/ (say .impertuh bayshuhn) noun Rare freedom from perturbation; tranquillity; calmness …  

  • sufferance — suf·fer·ance / sə frəns, fə rəns/ n: consent or sanction implied by a lack of interference or failure to enforce a prohibition see also estate at sufferance at estate 1 tenancy at sufferance at tenancy …   Law dictionary

  • composure — I noun aequus animus, aplomb, balance, calm, calmness, command of one s faculties, command of temper, complacence, constraint, content, contentment, control, equability, equanimity, equilibrium, evenness, forbearance, fortitude, harmony,… …   Law dictionary

  • longanimity — I noun composure, control, endurance, forbearance, forgiveness, forgivingness, fortitude, imperturbation, indulgence, inexcitability, lenience, leniency, magnanimity, optimism, pardon, patience, patient endurance, perseverance, placability,… …   Law dictionary

  • calmness — Synonyms and related words: Buddha like composure, Oriental calm, abnegation, abstinence, ataraxia, ataraxy, awelessness, calm, calm disposition, calm of mind, composure, conservatism, constraint, contemplation, continence, control, cool, cool… …   Moby Thesaurus

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