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  • Aster infirmus Michx. — Symbol DOIN2 Synonym Symbol ASIN2 Botanical Family Asteraceae …   Scientific plant list

  • infirme — [ ɛ̃firm ] adj. et n. • 1247, rare av. XVIe; lat. infirmus « faible » 1 ♦ Vx ⇒ faible. « l esprit est prompt et la chair infirme » (Pascal). 2 ♦ (XVIIIe) Mod. Qui est atteint d une ou plusieurs infirmités (spécialement d infirmités incurables). ⇒ …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • infirm — INFÍRM, Ă, infirmi, e, adj., s.m. şi f. (Persoană) care are o infirmitate; schilod, neputincios, invalid, beteag. – Din fr. infirme, lat. infirmus. Trimis de valeriu, 13.09.2007. Sursa: DEX 98  Infirm ≠ valid, întreg, teafăr Trimis de siveco, 03 …   Dicționar Român

  • enfermo — (Del lat. infirmus < in, no + firmus, firme.) ► adjetivo/ sustantivo 1 MEDICINA Que padece una enfermedad: ■ está en cama enfermo de viruela. SINÓNIMO indispuesto malo ANTÓNIMO sano …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Checklist of UK recorded Ichneumonidae — Checklist of UK recorded Ichneumonidae. In this checklist are presented all species of family Ichneumonidae. Checklist A Absyrtus vicinator (Thunberg, 1822) Acaenitus dubitator (Panzer, 1800) Achaius oratorius (Fabricius, 1793) Aclastus gracilis… …   Wikipedia

  • infirmer — [ ɛ̃firme ] v. tr. <conjug. : 1> • 1360; lat. infirmare « affaiblir, annuler », de infirmus 1 ♦ Affaiblir (qqch.) dans son autorité, sa force, son crédit. ⇒ diminuer. Infirmer une preuve, un témoignage, en montrer le côté faible. « Quand l… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Infirm — In*firm ([i^]n*f[ e]rm ), a. [L. infirmus: cf. F. infirme. See {In } not, and {Firm}, a.] 1. Not firm or sound; weak; feeble; as, an infirm body; an infirm constitution. [1913 Webster] A poor, infirm, weak, and despised old man. Shak. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • infirm — adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Latin infirmus, from in + firmus firm Date: 14th century 1. of poor or deteriorated vitality; especially feeble from age 2. weak of mind, will, or character ; irresolute, vacillating 3. not solid or… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Latin declension — Latin grammar Verb Conjugation Subjunctive by attraction Indirect Statement Declension Ablative Usages Dative Usages Latin is an inflected language, and as such has nouns, pronouns, and adjectives that must be declined in order to serve a… …   Wikipedia

  • Celtic Rite — The term Celtic Rite is generally, but rather indefinitely, applied to the various rites used in Great Britain, Ireland, perhaps in Brittany, and sporadically in Northern Iberia, and in the monasteries which resulted from the Irish missions of St …   Wikipedia

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