inherited rights

inherited rights
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  • inherited rights —    Rights (in Novell NetWare) or permissions (in Microsoft Windows 2000) received by an object from its parentobject.InNovellNetWare,inherited rights can be blocked by the Inherited Rights Filter or by an explicit assignment.    See also… …   Dictionary of networking

  • Inherited Rights Filter —    Abbreviated IRF. In Novell Directory Services (NDS), the mechanism that controls the rights a trustee can inherit from parent directories or container objects.    Inheritance allows an assignment applied at one point to apply to everything… …   Dictionary of networking

  • Inherited Rights Mask —    Abbreviated IRM. In NetWare 3, the mechanism that controls the rights a trustee can inherit. By default, IRM allows all rights to be inherited. Both files and directories have individual IRM controls.    See also Inherited Rights Filter;… …   Dictionary of networking

  • rights —    In a network or multiuser environment, the ability of a user to access certain system resources, including files and directories. Permissions are based on the rights given to user accounts by the system administrator.    See also inherited… …   Dictionary of networking

  • explicit rights —    In Novell Directory Services (NDS), any rights granted directly to a user for a directory or other NDS object. Explicit rights always override inherited rights.    See also inherited rights …   Dictionary of networking

  • effective rights —    In Novell Directory Services (NDS), any rights an object can use to look at or change a specific directory, file, or other object.    Effective rights are recalculated every time an object attempts such an operation and are controlled by the… …   Dictionary of networking

  • heritable rights — Rights in real property. Rights capable of being inherited …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • Human rights in Russia — The rights and liberties of the citizens of the Russian Federation are granted by Chapter 2 of the Constitution adopted in 1993.cite book title= The Constitution of the Russian Federation url=… …   Wikipedia

  • Human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran — The state of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran has been criticized both by both Iranians and international human right activists, writers, and NGOs. The United Nations General Assembly and the Human Rights Commission have condemned… …   Wikipedia

  • LGBT rights in Australia — The recognition and rights of LGBT couples and individuals in Australia have gradually been increasing within the states and territories since the 1970s. Laws regarding sexual activity apply equally to same sex and heterosexual activity in all… …   Wikipedia

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