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  • Tacitean studies — Tacitus is remembered first and foremost on his place as Rome s greatest historian, the equal mdash;if not the superior mdash;of Thucydides, the ancient Greeks foremost historian. Tacitean studies, however, extend far beyond the field of history …   Wikipedia

  • jeer — I verb cavillari, deprecate, depreciate, deride, deridere, disparage, disregard, disrespect, gibe, have no regard for, hold in derision, inridere, insult, laugh at, make fun of, mock, ridicule, scoff, sneer, speak derisively, speak slightingly,… …   Law dictionary

  • mock — I (deride) verb chaff, dericiere, disparage, fleer, flout, gibe, heckle, hold in derision, hold up to ridicule, hoot, inridere, insult, jeer, joke about, lampoon, laugh at, ludibrio, make a butt of, make a fool of, make fun of, poke fun at, rag,… …   Law dictionary

  • alluder — ⇒ALLUDER, verbe. Vx, rare. Faire allusion : • Vous devinez à quoi j allude, les fistons? Vous avez lu ça dans les feuilles. A. GILL, La Petite lune, 1878 1879, n° 44, p. 3. Prononc. Dernière transcription ds BESCH. 1845 : al lu dé. Ac. Compl.… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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