offensive to decency

offensive to decency
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Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • Communications Decency Act — The Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA) was the first notable attempt by the United States Congress to regulate pornographic material on the Internet. In 1997, in the landmark cyberlaw case of Reno v. ACLU, the United States Supreme Court… …   Wikipedia

  • National Legion of Decency — The National Legion of Decency was an organization dedicated to identifying and combating objectionable content, from the point of view of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, in motion pictures. For the first quarter century or so of… …   Wikipedia

  • List of films condemned by the Legion of Decency — This is a list of films condemned by the Legion of Decency, a United States Catholic organization, and its successor (from 1965), the National Catholic Office for Motion Pictures. The condemned (or C) rating was issued from the time of the Legion …   Wikipedia

  • obscene — Offensive to decency or modesty. Expressing or presenting to the mind or view something which delicacy, purity, and decency forbid to be expressed. United States v Bebout (DC Ohio) 28 F 522, 524 …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • obscene — ob·scene /äb sēn/ adj [Middle French, from Latin obscenus obscaenus indecent, lewd]: extremely or deeply offensive according to contemporary community standards of morality or decency see also roth v. united states in the important cases section… …   Law dictionary

  • coarse — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) adj. rough, harsh textured, coarse grained; uncouth, rude, crude, crass, vulgar, gross, unrefined; broad, bawdy, ribald. See roughness, discourtesy, impurity, texture. Ant., smooth, delicate, refined. II …   English dictionary for students

  • coarse — [kôrs] adj. coarser, coarsest [specialized var. of COURSE in sense of “ordinary or usual order” as in of course] 1. of inferior or poor quality; common [coarse fare] 2. consisting of rather large elements or particles [coarse sand] 3. not fine or …   English World dictionary

  • Slang abbreviation — Offensive words are often abbreviated for politeness, or decency. This is not limited to slang, or words that are always offensive it can include words that are offensive to a certain party. For instance, abortion may be so offensive to a pro… …   Wikipedia

  • obscene —    Offensive to accepted standards of decency or modesty. Lewd. Or, more broadly, repulsive or offensive to the senses. Obscenity is the state or quality of being obscene. Also see bad art, coarse, erotica and erotic art, feminism and feminist… …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • indecent — Offensive to common propriety; offending against modesty or delicacy; grossly vulgar; obscene; lewd; unseemly; unbecoming; indecorous; unfit to be seen or heard. See obscene @ indecent assault The act of a male person taking indecent liberties… …   Black's law dictionary

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