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Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • overtrustful — adj.; overtrustfully, adv.; overtrustfulness, n. * * * …   Universalium

  • credulity — I noun belief, blind faith, credulitas, credulousness, deceivability, disposition to believe, easiness of belief, foolishness, gullibility, gullibleness, impressibility, innocence, lack of doubt, lack of dubiety, lack of dubiousness, lack of… …   Law dictionary

  • blind faith — Synonyms and related words: credulity, credulousness, disposition to believe, dotage, ease of belief, fondness, gross credulity, infatuation, overcredulity, overcredulousness, overopenness to conviction, overtrustfulness, rash conviction,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • dotage — Synonyms and related words: advanced age, advanced years, age, age of retirement, an incurable disease, anility, blind faith, caducity, childishness, credulity, credulousness, debility, decline, decline of life, declining years, decrepitude,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • fondness — Synonyms and related words: Amor, Christian love, Eros, Platonic love, admiration, adoration, affection, agape, ardency, ardor, attachment, blind faith, bodily love, brotherly love, caritas, charity, conjugal love, credulity, credulousness, crush …   Moby Thesaurus

  • infatuation — Synonyms and related words: affection, ardor, blind faith, bug, calf love, case, craze, crazy fancy, credulity, credulousness, crush, devotion, disposition to believe, dotage, ease of belief, enthusiasm, fanaticism, fascination, fondness, frenzy …   Moby Thesaurus

  • wishful thinking — Synonyms and related words: alienation, autism, autistic thinking, avoidance mechanism, bamboozlement, befooling, blame shifting, blind faith, bluffing, calculated deception, circumvention, compensation, conning, credulity, credulousness,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • naiveté — n 1. artlessness, simplicity, simpleness, simple mindedness, simple heartedness, innocence; trustfulness, unsuspiciousness, overtrustfulness; credulity, credulousness, gullibility, gullibleness, Obs. cullibility, foolability, exploitability,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • overtrustful — adj.; overtrustfully, adv.; overtrustfulness, n …   Useful english dictionary

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