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  • subornative — adjective Of or pertaining to subornation …   Wiktionary

  • subornative — …   Useful english dictionary

  • suborn — subornation /sub awr nay sheuhn/, n. subornative /seuh bawr neuh tiv/, adj. suborner, n. /seuh bawrn /, v.t. 1. to bribe or induce (someone) unlawfully or secretly to perform some misdeed or to commit a crime. 2. Law. a. to induce (a person …   Universalium

  • persuasive — I adjective actuating, arousing, authoritative, coaxing, cogent, compelling, convictive, convincing, credible, effective, eloquent, forceful, hortative, hortatory, impelling, impressive, inductive, influential, inspiring, inviting, logical,… …   Law dictionary

  • suborn — /səˈbɔn / (say suh bawn) verb (t) to bribe or procure (a person) to commit some unlawful or wrongful act, usually perjury: *if he persisted, he would be charged with attempting to suborn a police officer from the path of duty. –frank hardy, 1963 …   Australian-English dictionary

  • suborn —   v.t. induce, especially to commit crime; procure.    ♦ subornation, n.    ♦ subornative,   a.    ♦ suborner, n …   Dictionary of difficult words

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