time payment

time payment
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Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • time payment — /taɪm ˈpeɪmənt/ (say tuym paymuhnt) noun a system of paying for goods, services, etc., which involves making a number of payments over a fixed period of time while in receipt of the goods or services …  

  • time — [tīm] n. [ME < OE tima, prob. < IE * dī men < base * dā(i) , to part, divide up > TIDE1] I duration; continuance 1. indefinite, unlimited duration in which things are considered as happening in the past, present, or future; every… …   English World dictionary

  • Payment protection insurance — Payment protection insurance, (also known as PPI, credit protection insurance, loan repayment insurance, not to be confused with income protection or credit card cover) is an insurance product that is often designed to cover a debt that is… …   Wikipedia

  • time-price differential — A method whereby a seller charges one amount for the immediate cash payment of merchandise and another amount for the same item or items when payment is rendered at a future date or in installments. Dictionary from West s Encyclopedia of American …   Law dictionary

  • Payment of members — is the provision of a salary to members of a legislature. From time to time, proposals were made to reintroduce in the English parliamentary system a practice that was almost universally adopted in other countries, that of paying a state salary… …   Wikipedia

  • time-price differential — refers to a figure representing the difference between the cash price of an item and the total cost of purchasing that item on credit. Topline Equipment, Inc. v. Stan Witty Land, Inc., 321 Wash.App. 86, 639 P.2d 825, 829. Method by which seller… …   Black's law dictionary

  • Time–Life — Time Life building in Rockefeller Center in New York City …   Wikipedia

  • Payment recovery — firms specialize in getting vendors to return money inadvertently paid to them. In corporate America, this frequently occurs when accounts payable staff accidentally pay a duplicate invoice. Another situation in which this might occur is when,… …   Wikipedia

  • time bill — A bill of exchange payable at some future date, for example, 90 days after the date of the bill or after sight (that is, acceptance or refusal by the drawee), is called a time, term or usuance bill/draft. On delivery of a time bill to the drawee …   Law dictionary

  • time-based — UK US adjective HR ► used to describe payment that is related to the time you spend working, rather than the number of things you do, produce, etc.: »Time based pay may in some cases be replaced by task specific pay. → Compare RESULTS BASED(Cf.… …   Financial and business terms

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