cod·i·fy /'kä-də-ˌfī, 'kō-/ vt -fied, -fy·ing: to reduce (laws) to a code
cod·i·fi·ca·tion /ˌkä-də-fə-'kā-shən, ˌkō-/ n

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I verb accumulate, arrange, assemble, assort, break down, bring into order, catalog, categorize, classify, collect, compile, coordinate, digerere, divide, formalize, formulate, group, index, introduce order, list, methodize, organize, rank, reduce to a code, reduce to a digest, reduce to order, regularize, sort, subdivide, systematize, system ize, tabulate associated concepts: coditying act II index classify, constitute (establish), digest (summarize), enact, file (arrange), fix (arrange), index (docket), legislate, tabulate

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

To arrange laws or rules systematically.

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

The process of arranging and labeling a system of laws.
Category: Criminal Law
Category: Representing Yourself in Court
Category: Small Claims Court & Lawsuits

Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary. . 2009.

1 To arrange, compile, organize, and systematize into a code the statutes, or the entire body of law (including case law) of a country or state or the statutes or the body of law concerning a particular area of the law.
2 To enact a statute that restates the body of a particular area of law including applicable common law principles and the judicial interpretation of previous or existing statutes.
See also statute.

Webster's New World Law Dictionary. . 2000.

   to arrange and label a system of laws.

Law dictionary. . 2013.

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