short interest

short interest
The withholding tax system that applies to UK borrowers only requires income tax to be withheld from "yearly" or annual interest. Short interest can always be paid gross. Interest is annual or yearly interest, in general, if the debt on which it is paid is capable of being outstanding for a period exceeding one year. Whether interest is annual interest or short interest is determined when the loan is made. Therefore, interest on a loan which was made for 364 days will be short interest even if as a matter of fact, for example due to a default on the part of the borrower, the loan lasts for more than a year. On the other hand, interest on a loan made for two years which is in fact repaid after six months will still be annual interest as will interest on loan for no fixed period even if repayable on demand. Generally, short interest is likely to be paid under multi-option facilities, swingline facilities, revolving credit facilities and other debts of a relatively short life.

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