• 1Collected Short Stories Volume 1 , Maugham W. (2000)
    This classic collection of stories moves from England, France and Spain to the silver sands of the South Pacific. It includes the famous story'Rain', the tragedy of a narrow-minded and… 760 руб

  • 2Women in Love , D. H. Lawrence (2008)
    A powerful and engrossing tale of extremes and extremists, Women in love follows the passionate relationships of two sisters, Gudrun and Ursula Brangwen, with their respective lovers, the ominous… 754 грн (только Украина)

  • 3Don't Give Me That Attitude!. 24 Rude, Selfish, Insensitive Things Kids Do and How to Stop Them , Michele Borba
    Does your kid never take no for an answer and demand things go his way? Do her theatrics leave you drained at the end of the day? Are you resorting to bribes and threats to get your kid to do chores… 1325.38 руб электронная книга

  • 4The Greeks and Us , Detienne Marcel (2007)
    The human race is all too pre-disposed to think in terms of us and them. Europeans have always laid claim to the Ancient Greeks they are our Greeks, our ancestors but their legacy reaches further… 706 руб

  • 5Courting Miss Adelaide , Janet Dean
    Indulge your fantasies of delicious Regency Rakes, fierce Viking warriors and rugged Highlanders. Be swept away into a world of intense passion, lavish settings and romance that burns brightly… 304.76 руб электронная книга

  • 6Passionate Pleasures , Small B. (2010)
    New York Times bestselling author Beatrice Small is turning on her fans again-by tuning them into their sexiest fantasies in The Channel. Some think librarians are stuffy, narrow-minded prudes-but… 1008 руб

  • 7The Business Blockchain. Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology , William Mougayar
    The definitive pioneering blueprint covering the what, why and how of the blockchain. Blockchains are new technology layers that rewire the Internet and threaten to side-step older legacy constructs… 1817.85 руб электронная книга