re·ply n: a plaintiff's or complainant's response to a plea, allegation, or counterclaim in the defendant's answer

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I noun answer, counterstatement, reaction, rebuttal, reciprocation, rejoinder, remonstrance, replication, response, responsio, responsum, retort, return, surrebuttal associated concepts: reply brief, sham reply, surreply foreign phrases:
- Amblgua responsio contra proferentem est acdpienda. — An ambiguous answer is to be taken against him who offers it.
II verb acknowledge, answer, come back at, confute, counter, make rejoinder, parry, react, rebut, refute, rejoin, respond, respondere, retort, return, riposte, surrebut, surrejoin associated concepts: reply to a counterclaim, reply to new matter contained in an answer, surreply III index acknowledge (respond), acknowledgment (acceptance), answer (respond legally), confutation, correspond (communicate), counterargument, countercharge, plea, pleading, reaction (response), rebut, rejoinder, respond, response, retort, return (respond)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

An answer or response; in pleading, a plaintiff’s response to a counterclaim raised in the defendant’s answer.
To answer or respond.

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

1. a speech by counsel for the plaintiff in a civil case, or for the prosecution in a criminal case, in answer to the points raised by the defence.
2. a pleading served by the plaintiff in a civil action in answer to the defence. Where there is a counterclaim it is often contained in the same document.

Collins dictionary of law. . 2001.

1 n. A plaintiff's response to a defendant's answer or counterclaim in a civil case; a plaintiff's response (with the court's permission) to a charge from a third party; in common law, the answer of the plaintiff to the answer or pleading of the defendant; the reply may be followed by a rejoinder by the defendant.
2 v. the act of responding to a pleading of an opposing party.

Webster's New World Law Dictionary. . 2000.

The pleading in which a plaintiff responds to the defendant's demand for relief asserted in a set-off or counterclaim.

Dictionary from West's Encyclopedia of American Law. 2005.

The pleading in which a plaintiff responds to the defendant's demand for relief asserted in a set-off or counterclaim.
II The response by a party to charges raised in a pleading by the other party.

Short Dictionary of (mostly American) Legal Terms and Abbreviations.

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