di·vorce 1 n [Middle French, from Latin divortium, from divortere divertere to leave one's marriage partner, from di- away, apart + vertere to turn]: the dissolution of a valid marriage granted esp. on specified statutory grounds (as adultery) arising after the marriage compare annulment
◇ The most common grounds for divorce are absence from the marital home, drug or alcohol addiction, adultery, cruelty, conviction of a crime, desertion, insanity, and nonsupport.
absolute divorce: a divorce that completely and permanently dissolves the marital relationship and terminates marital rights (as property rights) and obligations (as fidelity)
divorce a men·sa et tho·ro /-ˌā-'men-sə-ˌet-'thȯr-ō, -ˌä-'men-sä-ˌet-'thō-rō/: a separation governed by a court order: legal separation
divorce a vin·cu·lo mat·ri·mo·nii /-ˌā-'viŋ-kyu̇-ˌlō-ˌma-trə-'mō-nē-ˌī, -ˌä-'viŋ-kü-ˌlō-ˌmä-trē-'mō-nē-ˌē/: absolute divorce in this entry
limited divorce: an intentional cessation of cohabitation between spouses: separation
no–fault divorce: an absolute divorce that is not based on either spouse's fault and that is granted usu. on the grounds of an irretrievable breakdown or when husband and wife have lived apart for a statutorily specified period of time
divorce 2 vb di·vorced, di·vorc·ing
1: to dissolve the marriage of (a husband and wife) by judgment or decree of divorce
2: to sever the marital relationship with (a spouse) by a judgment or decree of divorce
vi: to obtain a divorce

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I noun annulment of marriage, broken marriage, conclusion, decree of nullity, discidium, dissolution of marriage, dissolution of the marriage bond, disunion, divortium, finality, judgment dissolving a marriage, judicial separation of a husband and wife, legal dissolution of marriage, legal nullification of marriage, legal termination of marriage, repudiation of a marriage, repudium associated concepts: absolute divorce, alimony, annulment of marriage, comparative rectitude, custody of children, decree for divorce, divisible divorce, divorce action, divorce proceeding, divorce suit, foreign divorce, grounds for divorce, judgment of divorce, legal separation, limited divorce II verb annul, annul a marriage, detach, disjoin, dissociate, dissolve of the bonds of matrimony, dissolve the marriage of, disunite, legally discard a spouse, nullify a marriage, part, put asunder, put out of matrimony, put out of wedlock, release from matrimonial status, release from matrimony, release from wedlock, sever, split up, sunder, uncouple, unmarry, unyoke associated concepts: separation III index depart, detach, disassociation, disband, disengage, disjoint, disown (refuse to acknowledge), dissociate, dissolve (separate), divide (separate), division (act of dividing), estrangement, separation, sever, severance, split

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

The legal dissolution of a marriage.
divorce See also alimony, annul, separate

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

the legal termination of a marriage otherwise than by death or the granting of a decree of nullity. The sole ground for divorce in the UK jurisdictions is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage; this may only be evidenced by adultery, desertion, intolerable conduct or separation for the relevant statutory period.
The Administration of Justice Act 1982 introduced a new Section 18A in the Wills Act 1837 containing provisions bringing English law into line with the laws of Australia and New Zealand with regard to the effect of divorce on provisions for a spouse in a will. The new section provides that a decree of divorce or nullity will cause (in the absence of a contrary intention manifested in the will – as to which see Re Sinclair [1985] 1 All ER 1064) any such benefits to lapse. In Scots law divorce does not affect a will, nor does it affect a legacy.

Collins dictionary of law. . 2001.

The legal termination of a marriage. All states require a spouse to identify a legal reason for requesting a divorce when that spouse files the divorce papers with the court. These reasons are referred to as grounds for a divorce. (See also: dissolution, no-fault divorce, fault divorce)
Category: Divorce & Family Law → Divorce, Child Support & Custody

Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary. . 2009.

1 n. The termination of a marriage by court order; the state of having terminated a marriage.
2 v. To terminate a marriage to someone by obtaining a court order, usually referred to as a divorce decree.
@ divisible divorce
Italian A proceeding in which the marriage is terminated but other issues pertaining to alimony, distribution of assets, or custody of children are reserved for another proceeding in another jurisdiction or under the laws of another state. Also known as a limited divorce.
@ divorce a mensa et thoro
(Archaic Latin ) Divorce from bed and board. A proceeding, current in Britain until the nineteenth century, that resulted in the parties remaining married but living separately. The term is still used in a few jurisdictions.
@ divorce a vinculo matrimonii
(Latin) Common law, meaning, from the bonds of marriage; a form of divorce based on grounds that preexisted the marriage, which resulted in a legal fiction that the marriage never existed (with the result that any children of the marriage are then considered illegitimate).
@ limited divorce
Italian A proceeding in which the marriage is terminated but other issues pertaining to alimony, distribution of assets, or custody of children are reserved for another proceeding in another jurisdiction or under the laws of another state. Also known as a divisible divorce.
@ mail-order divorce
Italian A divorce received through the mail or otherwise without the presence of the parties in the court granting it. Not recognized in the United States because of the lack of personal jurisdiction.
@ migratory divorce
Italian A divorce obtained by a spouse who moves or travels to another jurisdiction to obtain it.
@ no-fault divorce
Italian A divorce granted at the parties' request without any adjudication of wrongdoing (such as abandonment, infidelity, or mental cruelty).

Webster's New World Law Dictionary. . 2000.

A court decree that terminates a marriage; also known as marital dissolution.

Dictionary from West's Encyclopedia of American Law. 2005.

A court decree that terminates a marriage; also known as marital dissolution.

Short Dictionary of (mostly American) Legal Terms and Abbreviations.

   1) n. the termination of a marriage by legal action, requiring a petition or complaint for divorce (or dissolution in some states, including California) by one party. Some states still require at least a minimal showing of fault, but no-fault divorce is now the rule in which "incompatibility" is sufficient to grant a divorce. The substantive issues in divorces are division of property, child custody and support, alimony (spousal support), child visitation and attorney's fees. Only state courts have jurisdiction over divorces, so the petitioning or complaining party can only file in the state in which he/she is and has been a resident for a period of time (as little as six weeks in Nevada). In most states the period from original filing for divorce, serving the petition on the other party and final judgment (or decree) takes several months to allow for a chance to reconcile.

Law dictionary. . 2013.

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