evade /i-'vād/ vt evad·ed, evad·ing
1: to unlawfully fail to pay (taxes) through fraudulent or deceptive means compare avoid
2: to avoid answering directly
trying to evade the question

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I (deceive) verb avoid, be evasive, beguile, circumvent, defraud, delude, dissemble, dodge, equivocate, falsify, fool, hedge, hoax, lie, mislead, misrepresent, outwit, palter, pretend, prevaricate, shuffle, sophisticate, trick II (elude) verb avoid, dodge, escape, escape notice, flee, get away from, hide from, keep clear of, slip out associated concepts: evade execution of a judgment, evade the law III index abscond, bilk, circumvent, default, dishonor (refuse to pay), elude, equivocate, escape, eschew, fail (neglect), flee, hedge, ignore, palter, parry, pettifog, prevaricate, refrain, shirk, shun, spurn, tergiversate

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

To avoid, elude, or escape.
evasion See also tax evasion

The Essential Law Dictionary. — Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. . 2008.

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