index bombast, color (deceptive appearance), false pretense, fustian, histrionics, pretense (ostentation), pretext, pride, rhetoric (insincere language)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • affectation — Affectation. s. f. v. Passion que l on a pour certaines manieres d agir ou de parler. Affectation vicieuse. affectation de langage. certaine affectation de parler, de marcher, de rire &c. il y a de l affectation en tout ce qu il dit, en tout ce… …   Dictionnaire de l'Académie française

  • affectation — AFFECTATION. s. f. Attachement vicieux à dire ou à faire certaines choses d une manière singulière. Il y a de l affectation en tout ce qu il fait, en tout ce qu il dit. Affectation marquée. Affectation de langage. Il n y a rien de naturel en elle …   Dictionnaire de l'Académie Française 1798

  • Affectation — Af fec*ta tion, n. [L. affectatio: cf. F. affectation.] 1. An attempt to assume or exhibit what is not natural or real; false display; artificial show. An affectation of contempt. Macaulay. [1913 Webster] Affectation is an awkward and forced… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • affectation — (n.) studied display, 1540s, from Fr. affectation (16c.) or directly from L. affectationem (nom. affectatio) a striving after, a claiming, noun of action from pp. stem of affectare to strive for (see AFFECT (Cf. affect) (v.2)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • Affectation — (v. lat.), Verstellung, Ziererei …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

  • Affectation — Affectation, Künstelei, Verstellung …   Herders Conversations-Lexikon

  • affectation — *pose, air, mannerism Analogous words: *pretense, pretension: pretentiousness, ostenta tion (see corresponding adjectives at SHOWY) Antonyms: artlessness Contrasted words: naturalness, simplicity, ingenuousness, naivete, unsophistication (see… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • affectation — [n] pretended behavior to make an impression air, airs, appearance, artificiality, facade, false front*, front, going Hollywood*, imitation, insincerity, mannerism, pose, pretense, pretension, pretentiousness, put on, putting on airs*, sham*,… …   New thesaurus

  • affectation — Affectation, Affectatio, Quintil …   Thresor de la langue françoyse

  • affectation — ► NOUN ▪ behaviour, speech, or writing that is artificial and designed to impress …   English terms dictionary

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