I adjective acceptable, accepted, acknowledged, admissible, admitted, allowable, approvable, approved, authorized, certified, chartered, commissioned, conceded, consented, eligible, empowered, endorsed, enfranchised, granted, justified, lawful, legal, legalized, legitimate, licensed, licit, passed, permissible, permissioned, permitted, ratified, recognized, rightful, sanctioned, sanctioned by the law, suitable, supported by authority, tolerable, tolerated, unforbidden, unprohibited, valid, validated, vouchsafed, warranted, within the law associated concepts: allowed claim, allowed into evidence foreign phrases:
- Est quiddam perfectiis in rebus licitis. — There is something more perfect in things permitted.
II index admissible, choate lien, definite, entitled, lawful, legal, legitimate (rightful), licit, open (accessible), permissible, potential, privileged, rightful

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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