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  • Antevert — An te*vert , v. t. [L. antevertere; ante + vertere to turn.] 1. To prevent. [Obs.] Bp. Hall. [1913 Webster] 2. (Med.) To displace by anteversion. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • antevert — /an tee verrt /, v.t. Pathol. to displace (the uterus or other body organ) by tipping forward. [1640 50; < L antevertere to go before, precede, equiv. to ante ANTE + vertere to turn] * * * …   Universalium

  • anticipate — an·tic·i·pate /an ti sə ˌpāt/ vt pat·ed, pat·ing 1: to bar or invalidate (a patent) by anticipation the patent on the compound had been anticipated by the Beilstein reference Misani v. Ortho Pharm. Corp., 210 A.2d 609 (1965) 2: to negate the… …   Law dictionary

  • forestall — I verb act in advance, antevertere, anticipate, arrest, avert, avoid, await, be armed, be forewarned, bring to a standstill, cancel, censor, check, counteract, deter, disallow, enjoin, estop, filibuster, forbid, forfend, frustrate, halt, hinder,… …   Law dictionary

  • PENTATHLUM — Latine Quinqvertium, celebre olim apud Graecos exercitationis genus fuit, imo potius in omnibus quinque certaminum generibus victricem peritiam denotavit. Iul. Pollux l. 3. c. 3. πένταθλος ὁ πέντε ἀγωνιζόμενος, Pentarhlus (sive Quinqvertio, ita… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • antiversione — an·ti·ver·sió·ne s.f. TS med. inclinazione in avanti di un organo, spec. con riferimento all utero {{line}} {{/line}} DATA: 1829. ETIMO: dal lat. tardo anteversiōne(m), der. di antevertĕre passare innanzi …   Dizionario italiano

  • anteverted — [ antɪvə:tɪd] adjective Anatomy & Medicine (of an organ, especially the womb) inclined forward. Origin C19: from L. antevertere, from ante before + vertere to turn + ed2 …   English new terms dictionary

  • antevert — /æntiˈvɜt/ (say antee vert) verb (t) to displace (the uterus) by tipping forward. {Latin antevertere precede} …  

  • anteversion — [an΄tē vʉr′zhən, an′tē vʉr′shən; an΄tivʉr′shən, an′tivʉr′zhən] n. [LL anteversio < L anteversus, pp. of antevertere, ANTEVERT] an abnormal, forward displacement of a body organ, esp. the uterus …   English World dictionary

  • antevert — [an΄tē vʉrt′, an′tivʉrt′] vt. [L antevertere < ante , before + vertere, to turn: see VERSE] to cause anteversion of …   English World dictionary

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