I adjective able, acute, adept, adroit, apt, artistic, astute, astutus, aware, calculating, callidus, canny, capable, characterized by art, clever, contriving, crafty, cunning, deft, devious, dexterous, done with skill, experienced, facile, gifted, imaginative, ingenious, intriguing, knavish, Machiavellian, masterly, plotting, proficient, quick, rascally, ready, resourceful, scheming, serpentine, sharp, sharp-witted, shrewd, skillful, sly, stealthy, subtle, talented, versatile, versutus, vulpine, well-planned, wily II index collusive, colorable (specious), competent, delusive, devious, diplomatic, disingenuous, evasive, expert, insidious, machiavellian, mendacious, original (creative), perspicacious, politic, practiced, resourceful, sly, stealthy, subtle (refined), surreptitious, tactical

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • Artful — Art ful, a. [From {Art}.] 1. Performed with, or characterized by, art or skill. [Archaic] Artful strains. Artful terms. Milton. [1913 Webster] 2. Artificial; imitative. Addison. [1913 Webster] 3. Using or exhibiting much art, skill, or… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • artful — [ärt′fəl] adj. 1. skillful or clever, esp. in achieving a purpose 2. sly or cunning; crafty [an artful swindle] 3. done with, using, or showing much art or skill 4. artificial; imitative artfully adv. artfulness n …   English World dictionary

  • artful — (adj.) 1610s, learned, well versed in the (liberal) arts, also characterized by technical skill, from ART (Cf. art) (n.) + FUL (Cf. ful). Meaning skilled in adapting means to ends is from 1739. Related: Artfully; artfulness …   Etymology dictionary

  • artful — wily, guileful, crafty, cunning, tricky, *sly, foxy, insidious Analogous words: adroit, *dexterous: politic, diplomatic, smooth, *suave Antonyms: artless Contrasted words: simple, *natural, ingenuous, unsophisticated, naive: candid, open, * …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • artful — [adj] skillful; cunning adept, adroit, clever, crafty, designing, dexterous, foxy*, ingenious, masterly, politic, proficient, resourceful, scheming, sharp, shrewd, slick*, sly, smart, smooth*, tricky, wily; concepts 404,528 Ant. artless,… …   New thesaurus

  • artful — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ cunningly clever. DERIVATIVES artfully adverb artfulness noun …   English terms dictionary

  • artful — [[t]ɑ͟ː(r)tfʊl[/t]] 1) ADJ GRADED: usu ADJ n If you describe someone as artful, you mean that they are clever and skilful at achieving what they want, especially by deceiving people. ...the smiles and artifices of a subtle artful woman... Some… …   English dictionary

  • artful — adjective Date: 1609 1. performed with or showing art or skill < an artful performance on the violin > 2. a. using or characterized by art and skill ; dexterous < an artful prose stylist > b. adroit in attaining an end …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • artful — artfully, adv. artfulness, n. /ahrt feuhl/, adj. 1. slyly crafty or cunning; deceitful; tricky: artful schemes. 2. skillful or clever in adapting means to ends; ingenious: an artful choice of metaphors and similes. 3. done with or characterized… …   Universalium

  • artful — art|ful [ˈa:tfəl US ˈa:rt ] adj 1.) clever at deceiving people = ↑cunning ▪ artful tricks 2.) designed or done in a clever and attractive way ▪ artful photographs >artfully adj ▪ artfully concealed pockets >artfulness n …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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