at·tack n: an attempt to prove something invalid or incorrect esp. through judicial procedures
made an attack on the will as not properly witnessed; specif: an attempt to have the judgment of a court corrected or overruled
collateral attack: an attack on a judgment made during or by a proceeding brought for a different purpose see also habeas corpus ad subjiciendum at habeas corpus
direct attack: an attack on a judgment made in a proceeding (as an appeal) brought for the specific purpose of having the judgment corrected or overturned
attack vb

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I verb abuse, adgredi, adoriri, advance upon, aggress, assail, assault, assume the offensive, bear down upon, beat, begin hostilities against, beleaguer, beset, besiege, bombard, charge, combat, commit hostilities, descend on, engage in hostilities, fall upon, fight offensively, fly at, force, hit, impugn, invade, invehi in, lay hands on, lay into, make an onset against, open fire upon, oppugn, oppugnare, pitch into, pounce upon, raid, revile, run at, rush upon, set upon with force, shoot at, spring upon, start a fight, start a war, storm, strike, strike the first blow, tackle, take offensive action, take the initiative, take the offensive, tear into, throw oneself upon, waylay associated concepts: assault, attack on credibility, collateral attack, direct attack, impeach, provocation of attack II index accost, accuse, ambush, assail, assault (noun), assault (verb), bait (harass), barrage, battery, beat (strike), belligerency, cavil, censure, charge (accusation), charge (accuse), condemn (blame), condemnation (blame), controvert, course, denigrate, denounce (condemn), despoil, discommend, disease, engage (involve), fault, fight (battle), fight (battle), foray, grapple, harm, harry (plunder), impeach, impeachment, impinge, impugn, impugnation, incursion, intrusion, invade, invasion, inveigh, malign, mistreat, molest (subject to indecent advances), object, offense, onset (assault), oppugn, outbreak, outburst, persecute, protest, resistance, smear, spoliation, strike (assault), violence

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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