bad repute

bad repute
I noun abasement, abjection, abjectness, abomination, allegation, amoralism, amorality, animadversion, antagonism, aspersion, attaint, bad character, bad influence, bad name, betrayal, calumniation, calumny, castigation, censoriousness, censure, charge, condemnation, confutation, contemptibility, contumely, corruption, criminality, crimination, criticism, debasement, decrial, defilement, degeneracy, degradation, delinquency, demoralization, denigration, denunciation, depravity, deprecation, derision, derogation, despicability, despicableness, detraction, deviation from rectitude, deviation from virtue, deviousness, disapprobation, discommendation, discountenance, discredit, disesteem, disfavor, disgrace, disgracefulness, dishonor, dishonorableness, disparagement, displacency, disreputability, disreputableness, disrepute, disrespectability, disrespectfulness, excoriation, exposure, flagitiousness, flagrancy, fraud, fraudulence, ignobility, ignominiousness, ignominy, ill repute, immorality, impaired reputation, improbation, improbity, impropriety, impugna tion, increpation, inculpation, indecorum, infamousness, infamy, infidelity, insolence, irreverence, lack of integrity, laxity, loss of honor, loss of reputation, low regard, low standard, maculation, malevolence, malignity, malversation, misbehavior, moral degeneracy, moral turpitude, notoriety, objurgation, obliquity, obloquy, obnoxiousness, obtrectation, odiousness, odium, opprobrium, peccability, peculation, perfidiousness, perfidy, perversity, prodition, profligacy, public reproach, rapacity, rebuke, reflection, reprehension, reprimand, reproach, reprobation, reproof, revilement, scurrility, sedition, shame, shamefulness, slight, stigma, stricture, suspiciousness, taint, traducement, transgression, turpitude, unacceptableness, unrespectability, unscrupulousness, venality, vice, vilification, vilipendency, want of principle associated concepts: character evidence, credibility of witness, moral turpitude, reputation II index attaint, bad character, disgrace, dishonor (shame), disrepute, ignominy, ill repute, notoriety, scandal

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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