con·tin·ue vt -tin·ued, -tinu·ing: to postpone (a legal proceeding) to a future day

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I (adjourn) verb arrest temporarily, defer, delay, discontinue, hold over, interrupt, keep pending, lay aside, lay over, postpone, prorogue, put over, put over to a future date, recess, respite, restrain, set for a later time, shelve, stall, stay, suspend, table, tide over associated concepts: continue an action, grant of a continuance II (persevere) verb abide, be durable, be permanent, bide, exist, forge ahead, go on, keep, last, linger, maintain, move ahead, pergere, perseverare, persevere, persist, persistere, press onward, prevail, progress, promote, pursue, stay on, subsist, sustain associated concepts: continuing application, continuing contracts, continuing nuisance, continuing offer, continuing trespass, continuing wrong III (prolong) verb arrange in succession, drag out, draw out, durare, extend, extend in duration, lengthen, maintain, maintain continuity, perpetuate, preserve, protract, retain, stare, sustain, uphold associated concepts: continue in force and effect, continue in office, continue to carry on business, continued and uninterrupted use, continued concealment, continued good health, continued possession, continuing accumulation, continuing affirmative act, continuing and subsisting trust, continuing body, continuing conspiracy, continuing contempt, continuing crime, continuing duty, continuing guaranty, continuing jurisdiction, continuing loan, continuing obligation, continuing offense, continuing offer, continuing proceeding, continuing representation, continuing right, continuing tort, continuing trust IV (resume) verb begin again, begin over, carry on, carry over, go back to, make a new beginning, proceed, reestablish, rebegin, recommence, reinstate, reinstitute, renew, renovare, reopen, restore, return to, take up again V index adhere (persist), adjourn, bear (tolerate), dwell (linger over), endure (last), exist, extend (enlarge), last, maintain (carry on), pass (advance), persevere, persist, preserve, prolong, propagate (increase), prosecute (carry forward), protract (stall), pursue (carry on), recur, remain (continue), renew (begin again), reopen, resist (withstand), resume, subsist, sustain (prolong)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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