de·feat vt [Anglo-French defait, past participle of defaire to undo, defeat, from Old French deffaire desfaire, from de -, prefix marking reversal of action + faire to do]
1 a: to render null
third parties will defeat an attached but “unperfected” security interest — J. J. White and R. S. Summers
b: to prevent or undo the effectiveness or establishment of
defeat jurisdiction
defendant took stand and defeat ed intoxication defenseNational Law Journal
2 a: to prevail over
b: to thwart the claim of
defeat creditors
an intent to defeat the surviving spouse of his...elective shareTennessee Code Annotated
defeat n

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I noun beating, breakdown, collapse, confutation, default, destruction, disappointment, downfall, failure, invalidation, loss, nonfulfillment, overthrow, refutation, repulsa, ruin, ruination, setback, thwarting, undoing, vanquishment associated concepts: defeat a cause of action, defeat the purpose, defeat the rights, defeated candidate, defeated party II verb beat, block, checkmate, confound, conquer, contravene, crush, demolish, drub, foil, frustrate, gain control over, halt, master, outwit, overcome, overmaster, overpower, overthrow, overwhelm, prevail over, put down, quell, refute, rout, smash, squelch, subdue, subjugate, superare, suppress, surmount, thwart, triumph over, trounce, upset, vanquish, vincere, victimize associated concepts: defeat a cause of action, defeat a will, defeat or impair jurisdiction, defeat the purpose, defeat the rights III index abate (extinguish), abatement (extinguishment), answer (reply), avoid (cancel), balk, circumvent, contravene, controvert, counteract, debacle, failure (lack of success), foil, frustrate, frustration, halt, miscarriage, negate, nonsuit, obliterate, overcome (surmount), override, overthrow, overturn, overwhelm, preclude, prevent, prostration, rebuff, refute, rejection, repulse, subdue, subject, subjugate, subversion, subvert, surmount, thwart, upset

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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