I adjective absolute, accurate, actual, allowed, ascertained, assured, attested, authoritative, axiomatic, beyond all dispute, beyond all question, bound, bounded with precision, categorical, certain, certified, certus, clear, clear-cut, conclusive, confident, constitutus, convinced, correct, decided, decisive, deflnitus, demonstrable, determinate, determined, distinct, doubtless, ensured, established, evident, evidential, exact, existing, express, firm, fixed, fully convinced, granted, guaranteed, having fixed limits, immutable, inappealable, incommutable, incontestable, indefeasible, indisputable, indubious, indubitable, inescapable, inevasible, inevitable, inexorable, inflexible, insured, intransmutable, invariable, inviolate, irrefragable, irrefutable, irresistible, irreversible, irrevocable, persuaded, positive, precisely bounded, quantified, questionless, real, reliable, resolute, satisfied, secure, settled, stated, strictly defined, tested, true, unchanging, unconfuted, uncontested, undeniable, undisputed, undoubting, unequivocal, unerring, unfailing, unfaltering, unhesitating, unimpeachable, univocal, unmistakable, unqualified, unquestioned, unrefuted, unshaken, unsuspecting, unsuspicious, unwavering, veritable, well-defined, well-marked associated concepts: definite and certain, definite class, definite description, definite failure of issue, definite interest, definite location, definite period, definite quantity, definite sentence, definite term II index absolute (conclusive), actual, apparent (perceptible), axiomatic, categorical, certain (fixed), certain (positive), certain (specific), clear (certain), cogent, cognizable, coherent (clear), conclusive (determinative), concrete, conspicuous, corporeal, decisive, definitive, demonstrable, distinct (clear), dogmatic, explicit, express, factual, fixed (settled), inappealable, incontrovertible, indubious, inevitable, irrevocable, limited, official, overt, palpable, particular (individual), peremptory (absolute), positive (confident), positive (incontestable), precise, reliable, resounding, several (separate), specific, tangible, unalienable, unalterable, unambiguous, unequivocal

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • Definite — Def i*nite, a. [L. definitis, p. p. of definire: cf. F. d[ e]fini. See {Define}.] 1. Having certain or distinct; determinate in extent or greatness; limited; fixed; as, definite dimensions; a definite measure; a definite period or interval. [1913 …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • definite — 1 Definite, definitive are sometimes confused. What is definite (see also EXPLICIT) has limits so clearly fixed or defined or so unambiguously stated that there can be no doubt concerning the scope or the meaning of something so qualified {he has …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • definite — definite, definitely have useful roles as emphasizing words, and should not be dismissed too readily as superfluous: • His expression was bland, unreadable, but there was a definite glint in his eye that made her pulse begin to race E. Richmond,… …   Modern English usage

  • definite — [def′ə nit] adj. [L definitus, pp. of definire: see DEFINE] 1. having exact limits 2. precise and clear in meaning; explicit 3. certain; positive [it s definite that he ll go] 4. Bot. having a constant number of stamens, etc., less than 20 but… …   English World dictionary

  • definite — 1550s, from L. definitus defined, bounded, limited, pp. of definire (see DEFINE (Cf. define)). Definite means defined, clear, precise, unmistakable; definitive means having the character of finality …   Etymology dictionary

  • definite — [adj1] exact, clear audible, bold, categorical, clean cut, clear cut, clearly defined, complete, crisp, definitive, determined, distinct, distinguishable, downright, explicit, express, fixed, forthright, full, graphic, incisive, marked, minute,… …   New thesaurus

  • Definite — Def i*nite, n. A thing defined or determined. [Obs.] [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • definite — description …   Philosophy dictionary

  • definite — ► ADJECTIVE 1) clearly stated or decided; not vague or doubtful. 2) (of a person) certain about something. 3) known to be true or real. 4) having exact and discernible physical limits. DERIVATIVES definiteness noun …   English terms dictionary

  • definite — [[t]de̱fɪnɪt[/t]] 1) ADJ GRADED If something such as a decision or an arrangement is definite, it is firm and clear, and unlikely to be changed. It s too soon to give a definite answer... Her Royal Highness has definite views about most things …   English dictionary

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