I noun abuse, abusive harangue, abusive language, accusation, act of berating, admonition, adverse comment, animadversion, backbiting, bitter harangue, bitter words, blame, carping, castigation, censure, chiding, complaining, condemnation, countercharge, coup de bee, criticism, cutting words, denunciation, deprecation, depreciation, discommendation, disparagement, dispraise, dressing down, faultfinding, gainsaying, harangue, hostile attack, hostile criticism, hostile eloquence, hypercriticism, inculpation, indictment, insult, invective, long vehement speech, objurgation, obloquy, oration, prolonged outburst of denunciation, railing, rebuke, remonstrance, reprehension, reprimand, reproach, reproof, revilement, reviling, sarcasm, scolding, scurrility, sermon, stinging words, strain of invective, stream of abuse, tirade, tongue-lashing, upbraiding, verbal onslaught, vilification, vituperation II index bombast, denunciation, disapprobation, harangue, obloquy, outcry, phillipic, revilement, stricture

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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