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  • Wells College — Infobox University name= Wells College motto= Habere et dispertire (To have and to share) established= 1868 type= Private liberal arts college president= Lisa Marsh Ryerson city= Aurora state= New York country= USA students= 469 faculty= 75 staff …   Wikipedia

  • Departement — De|par|te|ment 〈[depart(ə)mã:] n. 15; schweiz. [ təmɛ̣nt] n. 11〉 1. Verwaltungs , Geschäftsbezirk 2. 〈Schweiz〉 Ministerium 3. 〈Frankreich〉 Regierungsbezirk [<frz. département] * * * De|par|te|ment [depart(ə) mã :, schweiz. auch: …tə mɛnt ] …   Universal-Lexikon

  • distribute — dis·trib·ute /di stri byüt/ vt ut·ed, ut·ing 1: to divide among several or many: apportion 2: to give out or deliver esp. to members of a group see also dividend …   Law dictionary

  • apportion — ap·por·tion /ə pȯr shən/ vt: to make a usu. proportionate division or distribution of (an amount due) according to a plan: as a: to divide (an amount due in tax or other liability) among the parties responsible for respective shares of the… …   Law dictionary

  • dispertieren — dis|per|tie|ren <aus gleichbed. lat. dispertire zu ↑dis... u. partire »(ver)teilen«> (veraltet) verteilen, austeilen …   Das große Fremdwörterbuch

  • depart — [13] Depart originally meant ‘divide’. This was the sense of its ultimate Latin ancestor dispertīre, literally ‘separate up into constituent parts’, a compound verb formed from the prefix dis , denoting separation, and partīre ‘divide,… …   The Hutchinson dictionary of word origins

  • depart — verb 1》 leave, especially in order to start a journey. 2》 (depart from) deviate from (an accepted, prescribed, or usual course of action). Phrases depart this life archaic die. Origin ME: from OFr. departir, based on L. dispertire to divide …   English new terms dictionary

  • diviser — Diviser, Dispertire. Diviser et separer, Discernere, Diuidere, Distinguere, Diducere aciem in cornua. Diviser et borner entre deux, Disterminare. Diviser une chose en croix bourguignonne, Decussare. Diviser en royaumes, Contribuere in regna.… …   Thresor de la langue françoyse

  • injustement — Injustement, Iniuste. Departir injustement et inegalement, Iniuria dispertire …   Thresor de la langue françoyse

  • depart — ► VERB 1) leave, especially to start a journey. 2) (depart from) deviate from (a course of action). ORIGIN Old French departir, from Latin dispertire to divide …   English terms dictionary

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