I (lack of respect) noun affront, aloofness, bad manners, belittlement, callousness, contempt, contemptousness, contumely, depreciation, discourtesy, disdain, disesteem, disfavor, dishonor, disobedience, disregardfulness, disrespect, heedlessness, impoliteness, impudence, inappreciation, inattentiveness, incivility, inconsiderateness, inconsideration, indifference, insensitivity, insolence, insult, low estimation, outrage, regardlessness, rudeness, scoffing, scorn, slight, snub, thoughtlessness, underestimation, undervaluation, unheedfulness, unmindfulness, want of thought II (omission) noun breach of orders, default, delinquency, dereliction of duty, disregardfulness, failure to carry out, infraction, infringement, malefaction, malpractice, misbehavior, misconduct, neglect, neglectfulness, noncompliance, nonobservance, pretention, pretermission, refusal to obey, regardlessness, remissness, transgression, trespass, violation III (unconcern) noun carelessness, disinterest, disinterestedness, disregardfulness, exclusion, heedlessness, improvidence, imprudence, inattention, inattentiveness, incaution, inconsideration, indifference, inobservance, insouciance, lack of care, lack of consideration, lack of interest, lack of observation, leaving out, mindlessness, neglect, neglectful ness, negligence, nonobservance, oblivion, obliviousness, overlooking, oversight, regardlessness, unconsciousness, unheedfulness, unmindfulness, unthinkingness, unwariness, unwatchfulness, want of notice, want of thought IV verb be incurious, be indifferent, be insensitive, dismiss, fail to notice, fail to observe, feel no concern, give no heed, ignore, leave out, leave out of consideration, neglect, neglegere, not bother with, not consider, not hear, not heed, not include, not listen, not think about, not think of, not trouble oneself, omittere, overlook, parvi facere, pass by, pay no attention, pay no regard to, pretermit, refuse to hear, refuse to know, refuse to regard, snub, spurn, take no account of, take no interest, take no note of, take no notice of, think little of, think nothing of, treat without due respect associated concepts: disregard for the law, instruct the jury to disregard testimony, reckless disregard V index anarchy, breach, break (violate), condonation, condone, contemn, contempt (disdain), contravene, default, defiance, defy, dereliction, disaffirm, discount (disbelieve), disdain (noun), disdain (verb), disfavor, dishonor (nonpayment), dishonor (refuse to pay), disinterest (lack of interest), dismiss (put out of consideration), disobey, disoblige, disown (deny the validity), disparage, disrespect, disuse, eliminate (exclude), except (exclude), exclude, flout, ignore, inconsideration, indifference, jeer, laxity, misprize, muse, negate, neglect (noun), neglect (verb), negligence, nonfeasance, nonperformance, omission, overlook (excuse), override, pretermit, rebuff (noun), rebuff (verb), reject, remit (release from penalty), resist (withstand), shun, spurn, trespass, violate

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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