I verb abash, advise against, argue against, attempt to divert, attempt to prevent, cause doubt, caution, convince to the contrary, daunt, dehortari, deter from one's purpose, deterrere, discourage, disenchant, dishearten, disillusion, dispirit, dissuadere, divert by appeal, divert from, exhort against, frighten away, raise apprehension, remonstrate, render averse, stave off, talk out of, turn from a purpose, urge not to II index caution, check (restrain), counsel, debar, deter, discourage, expostulate, forewarn, reason (persuade), remonstrate

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • dissuade — dissuade, deter, discourage, divert mean to turn one aside from a purpose, a project, or a plan. Dissuade carries the strongest implication of advice, argument, or exhortation; like the affirmative form persuade, it usually suggests gentle or… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • Dissuade — Dis*suade , v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Dissuaded}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Dissuading}.] [L. dissuadere, dissuasum; dis + suadere to advise, persuade: cf. F. dissuader. See {Suasion}.] 1. To advise or exhort against; to try to persuade (one from a course).… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • dissuadé — dissuadé, ée (di ssu a dé, dée) part. passé. Dissuadé par ses amis de prendre part à cette affaire …   Dictionnaire de la Langue Française d'Émile Littré

  • dissuade — ► VERB (dissuade from) ▪ persuade or advise not to do. DERIVATIVES dissuasion noun dissuasive adjective. ORIGIN Latin dissuadere, from suadere advise, persuade …   English terms dictionary

  • dissuade — 1510s, from M.Fr. dissuader and directly from L. dissuadere to advise against, oppose by argument, from dis off, against (see DIS (Cf. dis )) + suadere to urge (see SUASION (Cf. suasion)). Related: Dissuaded; dissuading …   Etymology dictionary

  • dissuade — [v] talk out of advise against, caution against, chicken out*, counsel, cry out against, deprecate, derail, deter, disadvise, discourage, disincline, divert, exhort, expostulate, faze, hinder, lean on*, persuade not to, prevent, prick, put off,… …   New thesaurus

  • dissuadé — Dissuadé, [dissuad]ée. part …   Dictionnaire de l'Académie française

  • dissuade — [di swād′] vt. dissuaded, dissuading [L dissuadere < dis , away, from + suadere, to persuade: see SWEET] 1. to turn (a person) aside (from a course, etc.) by persuasion or advice 2. Obs. to advise against (an action) dissuader n …   English World dictionary

  • dissuade — [[t]dɪswe͟ɪd[/t]] dissuades, dissuading, dissuaded VERB If you dissuade someone from doing or believing something, you persuade them not to do or believe it. [FORMAL] [V n from ing/n] Doctors had tried to dissuade patients from smoking... [V n… …   English dictionary

  • dissuade — UK [dɪˈsweɪd] / US verb [transitive] Word forms dissuade : present tense I/you/we/they dissuade he/she/it dissuades present participle dissuading past tense dissuaded past participle dissuaded formal to persuade someone not to do something… …   English dictionary

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