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  • Drawn — Drawn, p. p. & a. See {Draw}, v. t. & i. [1913 Webster] {Drawn butter}, butter melter and prepared to be used as a sort of gravy. {Drawn fowl}, an eviscerated fowl. {Drawn game} or {Drawn battle}, one in which neither party wins; one equally… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • drawn — drawn; un·drawn; with·drawn; with·drawn·ness; …   English syllables

  • drawn — /drawn/, v. 1. pp. of draw. adj. 2. tense; haggard. 3. eviscerated, as a fowl. 4. Glassmaking. a. of or pertaining to the stem of a drinking glass that has been formed by stretching from a small mass of molten metal left at the base of the bowl… …   Universalium

  • drawn — c.1200, from O.E. dragen, pp. of DRAW (Cf. draw) (v.) …   Etymology dictionary

  • drawn — [adj] tense, fatigued fraught, haggard, harassed, harrowed, peaked, pinched, sapped, starved, strained, stressed, taut, thin, tired, worn; concept 485 Ant. relaxed, unstressed …   New thesaurus

  • drawn — past participle of DRAW(Cf. ↑draw). ► ADJECTIVE ▪ looking strained from illness or exhaustion …   English terms dictionary

  • drawn — [drôn] vt., vi. pp. of DRAW adj. 1. pulled out of the sheath 2. with neither side winning or losing; even; tied 3. disemboweled; eviscerated 4. tense; haggard …   English World dictionary

  • Drawn — draw draw (dr[add]), v. t. [imp. {Drew} (dr[udd]); p. p. {Drawn} (dr[add]n); p. pr. & vb. n. {Drawing}.] [OE. dra[yogh]en, drahen, draien, drawen, AS. dragan; akin to Icel. & Sw. draga, Dan. drage to draw, carry, and prob. to OS. dragan to bear,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • drawn — drawn1 [ drɔn ] adjective someone who looks drawn has a thin face and looks very tired, sick, or worried drawn drawn 2 [ drɔn ] the past participle of DRAW …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • drawn — [[t]drɔ͟ːn[/t]] 1) Drawn is the past participle of draw. 2) ADJ GRADED If someone or their face looks drawn, their face is thin and they look very tired, ill, worried, or unhappy. She looked drawn and tired when she turned towards me …   English dictionary

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