drive off in various directions

drive off in various directions
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Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • scatter — scatterable, adj. scatterer, n. scatteringly, adv. /skat euhr/, v.t. 1. to throw loosely about; distribute at irregular intervals: to scatter seeds. 2. to separate and drive off in various directions; disperse: to scatter a crowd. 3. Physics. a.… …   Universalium

  • Prey drive — is the instinctive behavior of a carnivore to pursue and capture prey. In dog training, prey drive can be used as an advantage because dogs with strong prey drive are also willing to pursue moving objects such as toys, which can then be used to… …   Wikipedia

  • dispel — I verb banish, bestow, bestrew, break up, broadcast, cast adrift, cast off, cast out, deal out, diffuse, discharge, discutere, disintegrate, dismiss, dispellere, disperse, disperse completely, disseminate, dissipare, dissipate, dissolve, do away… …   Law dictionary

  • Wacker Drive — Infobox road highway name = Wacker Drive length mi = 2.2 length round = 1 length ref = [ Google Maps] estimate.] direction = North South and East West starting terminus = Upper Wacker: Franklin Street / Harrison Street… …   Wikipedia

  • Warp drive (Star Trek) — Warp drive redirects here. For the actual model of spacetime, see Alcubierre drive. A visualization of a warp field. The ship rests in a bubble of normal space. Warp drive is a faster than light (FTL) propulsion system in the setting of many… …   Wikipedia

  • scatter — /ˈskætə / (say skatuh) verb (t) 1. to throw loosely about; distribute at irregular intervals. 2. to separate and drive off in various directions; disperse. 3. Physics as in an interaction with matter, to deflect (any beam of radiation),… …  

  • dispel — dispellable, adj. dispeller, n. /di spel /, v.t., dispelled, dispelling. 1. to drive off in various directions; disperse; dissipate: to dispel the dense fog. 2. to cause to vanish; alleviate: to dispel her fears. [1625 35; < L dispellere to drive …   Universalium

  • dispel — dis•pel [[t]dɪˈspɛl[/t]] v. t. pelled, pel•ling 1) to drive off in various directions; disperse; dissipate 2) to cause to vanish; alleviate • Etymology: 1625–35; < L dispellere to drive apart = dis I+pellere to drive dis•pel′la•ble, adj.… …   From formal English to slang

  • disperse — [c]/dəsˈpɜs / (say duhs pers) verb (dispersed, dispersing) –verb (t) 1. to scatter abroad; send or drive off in various directions. 2. to spread; diffuse: the wise disperse knowledge. 3. to dispel; cause to vanish: the fog is dispersed. 4.… …  

  • dispel — [c]/dɪsˈpɛl / (say dis pel) verb (dispelled, dispelling) –verb (t) 1. to drive off in various directions; scatter; disperse; dissipate: to dispel vapours; to dispel fear. –verb (i) 2. Rare to be scattered; melt away: the forces will dispel.… …  

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