I verb blanket, camouflage, case, cloak, cloud, conceal, cover, curtain, disguise, eclipse, encase, enclose, ensconce, envelop, enwrap, guard, hide, hood, invest, keep clandestine, keep from notice, keep from view, keep hidden, keep out of sight, keep under cover, mantle, mask, obscure, obstruct the view of, prevent from being discovered, prevent from being seen, protect, render invisible, screen, seclude, secrete, shade, sheathe, shelter, shield, shroud, surround, swathe, veil, visor, wrap II index blind (obscure), camouflage, cloak, conceal, cover (conceal), ensconce, envelop, obnubilate, obscure

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • Enshroud — En*shroud , v. t. To cover with, or as with, a shroud; to shroud. Churchill. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • enshroud — 1580s, from EN (Cf. en ) (1) + SHROUD (Cf. shroud). Related: Enshrouded; enshrouding …   Etymology dictionary

  • enshroud — [v] cover cloak, conceal, hide, mask, pall, shroud; concepts 172,188 …   New thesaurus

  • enshroud — ► VERB literary ▪ envelop completely and hide from view …   English terms dictionary

  • enshroud — [en shroud′, inshroud′] vt. to cover as if with a shroud; hide; veil; obscure …   English World dictionary

  • enshroud — UK [ɪnˈʃraʊd] / US verb [transitive] Word forms enshroud : present tense I/you/we/they enshroud he/she/it enshrouds present participle enshrouding past tense enshrouded past participle enshrouded literary 1) to cover or hide something completely… …   English dictionary

  • enshroud — [[t]ɪnʃra͟ʊd[/t]] enshrouds, enshrouding, enshrouded VERB To enshroud something means to cover it completely so that it can no longer be seen. [LITERARY] [V n in n] ...dispiriting clouds that enshrouded us in twilight. [V n] ...the culture of… …   English dictionary

  • enshroud — transitive verb Date: 1583 to cover or enclose with or as if with a shroud …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • enshroud — /en shrowd /, v.t. to shroud; conceal. [1575 85; EN 1 + SHROUD] * * * …   Universalium

  • enshroud — verb To cover with (or as if with) a shroud …   Wiktionary

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