en·trust also in·trust vt
1: to deliver something to (a person) under a charge or duty
2: to give (something) over to the care of another; specif: to deliver to a merchant who may transfer ownership to a buyer in the ordinary course of business
— used esp. in the Uniform Commercial Code; see also negligent entrustment compare bail, consign
en·trust·ment n

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I verb appoint, assign, assign the care of, authorize, charge with a duty, charge with a trust, commit, committere, concredere, consign, delegate, depute, deputize, devolve, elect, empower, give a mandate, give a responsibility to, invest empower, license, make someone guardian of, mandare, place in the protection of, put in charge, trust, turn over for safekeeping associated concepts: entrust goods, entrust personal property foreign phrases:
- Securius expediuntur negotia commissa pluribus, et plus vident oculi quam oculus. — Matters which are entrusted to several persons are executed more surely, because eyes see more than an eye
II index appoint, assign (designate), assign (transfer ownership), authorize, charge (empower), confide (trust), consign, delegate, deliver, deposit (submit to a bank), descend, detail (assign), empower, endue, give (grant), instate, invest (vest), leave (give), lend, let (permit), refer (send for action), relegate, rely, remand, vest

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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