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exactly like
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  • Exactly Like You (album) — Exactly Like You was the name of the following albums:* Exactly Like You, a 1956 album by The Ames Brothers * Exactly Like You, a 1995 album by Tom Saunders …   Wikipedia

  • Exactly Like You — is a popular song.The music was written by Jimmy McHugh, the lyrics by Dorothy Fields published in 1930. The song was introduced in the 1930 Broadway show International Revue. Recorded versions*Gene Ammons *Louis Armstrong (1930) *Svend Asmussen… …   Wikipedia

  • Exactly Like You (Ames Brothers album) — Infobox Album Name = Exactly Like You Type = studio Artist = Ames Brothers Released = 1956 Recorded = Genre = Pop Length = Label = RCA Victor Records Producer = Reviews = Last album = This album = Next album = Exactly Like You was an LP album by… …   Wikipedia

  • exactly — ex|act|ly W2S1 [ıgˈzæktli] adv 1.) used to emphasize that a number, amount, or piece of information is or should be completely correct in every detail ▪ It s exactly half past five. ▪ The figures may not be exactly right, but they re close enough …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • exactly — ex|act|ly [ ıg zæktli ] adverb *** 1. ) no more and no less than a particular amount or time: PRECISELY: It s exactly three o clock. The wood should measure five centimeters exactly. 2. ) in every way or every detail: The house is exactly the… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • exactly*/*/*/ — [ɪgˈzæk(t)li] adv 1) no more and no less than a particular amount or time Syn: precisely It s exactly three o clock.[/ex] The wood should measure five centimetres exactly.[/ex] 2) in every way, or in every detail Syn: just She sounds exactly like …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • exactly */*/*/ — UK [ɪɡˈzæk(t)lɪ] / US adverb 1) no more and no less than a particular amount or time It s exactly three o clock. The wood should measure five centimetres exactly. 2) a) in every way, or in every detail The house is exactly the same as it was 20… …   English dictionary

  • like — like1 W1S1 [laık] prep ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(similar)¦ 2 what is somebody/something like? 3¦(example)¦ 4¦(typical)¦ 5 like this/that/so 6 just like that 7 something like 8 nothing like 9 there s nothing like 10 more like …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • like — I [[t]laɪk, la͟ɪk[/t]] PREPOSITION AND CONJUNCTION USES ♦ likes 1) PREP If you say that one person or thing is like another, you mean that they share some of the same qualities or features. He looks like Father Christmas... Kathy is a great mate …   English dictionary

  • like — 1 /laIk/ preposition 1 similar in some way to something else: My mother has a car like yours. | He crawled out of the hut on his belly, like a snake. | very like: He s very like his brother. | look/sound/feel/taste/seem like: The building looked… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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