exhibit boastfully

exhibit boastfully
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Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • flaunt — I verb air, be conspicuous, be ostentatious, be showy, boast, brandish, display, display oneself boldly, display with effrontery, exhibit, exhibit boastfully, flash, flourish, iactare, make a gaudy display, make a show of, make a showy appearance …   Law dictionary

  • show — vb 1 Show, manifest, evidence, evince, demonstrate are comparable when they mean to reveal something outwardly by or as if by a sign or to serve to make something outwardly apparent or visible. Show implies enabling others to see, but in this… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • show — verb (past participle shown or showed) 1》 be, allow, or cause to be visible.     ↘exhibit or produce for inspection.     ↘present (a film or television programme) on a screen for viewing.     ↘represent or depict in art.     ↘(show oneself or one …   English new terms dictionary

  • Mu'allaqat — The Mu‘allaqāt (Arabic: المعلقات, [al muʕallaqaːt]) is the title of a group of seven long Arabic poems or qasida (singular qaṣīda, plural qaṣā id) that have come down from the time before Islam. Each is considered the best work of these pre… …   Wikipedia

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