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  • Censorship in the United Kingdom — has a long history with variously stringent and lax laws in place at different times, although a much more liberal approach has been taken in recent years.George OrwellGeorge Orwell wrote several articles on censorship including an item titled… …   Wikipedia

  • Perry White — Supersupportingbox| caption=Jimmy Olsen and Perry White, from Superman s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #22 (August 1957). Art by Curt Swan. comic color=background:#8080ff character name=Perry White publisher=DC Comics debut= Superman (volume 1) #7 (1940)… …   Wikipedia

  • Yang Su — (楊素) (d. August 31, 606 [ [http://www.sinica.edu.tw/ftms bin/kiwi1/luso.sh?lstype=2 dyna=%B6%A6 king=%B7%D5%AB%D2 reign=%A4j%B7%7E yy=2 ycanzi= mm=7 dd= dcanzi=%A4A%A5%E8 兩千年中西曆轉換 ] ] ), courtesy name Chudao (處道), formally Duke Jingwu of Chu… …   Wikipedia

  • Gao Jiong — (高熲) (d. August 27, 607 [ [http://www.sinica.edu.tw/ftms bin/kiwi1/luso.sh?lstype=2 dyna=%B6%A6 king=%B7%D5%AB%D2 reign=%A4j%B7%7E yy=3 ycanzi= mm=7 dd= dcanzi=%A4%FE%A4l 兩千年中西曆轉換 ] ] ), courtesy name Zhaoxuan (昭玄), alternative name Min (敏),… …   Wikipedia

  • Equality North Carolina — is an activist group in North Carolina designed to fight for equality rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens of the state. Equality NC has two sister projects, with whom it works closely: Equality NC PAC and Equality NC… …   Wikipedia

  • Edgar Speyer — Infobox Person caption = Sir Edgar Speyer by Sir William Orpen, 1914 name = Sir Edgar Speyer birth date = 7 September 1862 birth place = New York death date = 16 February 1932 death place = Berlin residence = nationality = American/British… …   Wikipedia

  • Ida B. Wells-Barnett: Lynching and the Excuse for It (1901) — ▪ Primary Source       In the twenty years after 1885 there were more lynchings in the United States than legal executions. The great majority of victims were African Americans, who, after a brief period of political power in the South during… …   Universalium

  • unprejudiced — I adjective broadminded, detached, disinterested, dispassionate, equitable, even handed, fair, fairminded, impartial, independent, integer, judicial, just, neutral, nonpartisan, objective, open, openminded, proper, reasonable, tolerant, unbiased …   Law dictionary

  • Lucretia — f Feminine form of the Roman family name Lucretius, which is of unknown derivation. In Roman legend, this is the name of a Roman maiden of the 5th century BC who killed herself after being raped by the King of Rome; the resulting scandal led to… …   First names dictionary

  • Leibniz (from) to Kant — From Leibniz to Kant Lewis White Beck INTRODUCTION Had Kant not lived, German philosophy between the death of Leibniz in 1716 and the end of the eighteenth century would have little interest for us, and would remain largely unknown. In Germany… …   History of philosophy

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