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  • fledgling — fledg‧ling [ˈfledʒlɪŋ] also fledgeling adjective [only before a noun] a fledgling company is fairly new: • In 1953, Akio Morita s fledgling company , Sony, was able to buy a licence from Western Electric to develop transistor technology. • The… …   Financial and business terms

  • fledgling — adj. 1. having just acquired its flight feathers; of a young bird; as, a fledgling robin. [prenominal] Syn: fledgeling(prenominal). [WordNet 1.5] 2. young and inexperienced; as, a fledgling enterprise; a fledgling skier. Syn: unfledged. [WordNet… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Fledgling — or Fledglings may refer to:* Curtiss Fledgling, a trainer aircraft * Fergie s Fledglings, a group of Manchester United players recruited under the management of Alex Ferguson * Fledgling (birds), a young bird that has recently left its nest but… …   Wikipedia

  • fledgling — (also fledgeling) ► NOUN 1) a young bird that has just fledged. 2) (before another noun ) new and inexperienced: fledgling democracies …   English terms dictionary

  • fledgling — 1830 (adj.), 1846 as a noun meaning young bird, from FLEDGE (Cf. fledge) + dim. suffix LING (Cf. ling). Of persons, from 1856 …   Etymology dictionary

  • fledgling — is the recommended spelling for the young bird, not fledgeling, despite the derivation via the verb fledge (as in fully fledged) from an obsolete adjective fledge meaning ‘ready to fly’ …   Modern English usage

  • fledgling — [n] beginner in activity apprentice, chick, colt, greenhorn*, learner, neophyte, nestling, newcomer, novice, rookie, tenderfoot*, trainee, tyro*; concepts 352,366,424 Ant. expert, professional …   New thesaurus

  • fledgling — [flej′liŋ] n. 1. a young bird just fledged 2. a young, inexperienced person: Also Chiefly Brit. fledgeling …   English World dictionary

  • fledgling — I fledgling UK [ˈfledʒlɪŋ] / US or fledgeling UK / US noun [countable] Word forms fledgling : singular fledgling plural fledglings a young bird that has just learnt to fly II fledgling UK / US or fledgeling UK [ˈfledʒlɪŋ] / US adjective a)… …   English dictionary

  • fledgling — [[t]fle̱ʤlɪŋ[/t]] fledglings 1) N COUNT A fledgling is a young bird that has its feathers and is learning to fly. 2) ADJ: ADJ n You use fledgling to describe a person, organization, or system that is new or without experience. ...the sound… …   English dictionary

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