I noun advance, ascent, betterment, climb, development, forward motion, furtherance, gain, ground gained, growth, improvement, momentum, progress, progression, promotion, upswing II index advance (progression), margin (spare amount), progress, promotion (advancement)

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • headway — UK US /ˈhedweɪ/ noun [U] ● make headway Cf. make headway …   Financial and business terms

  • Headway — Head way ( w[^u]rk ), n. 1. The progress made by a ship in motion; hence, progress or success of any kind. [1913 Webster] 2. (Arch.) Clear space under an arch, girder, and the like, sufficient to allow of easy passing underneath; clearance;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • headway — c.1300, main road, highway, from O.E. heafodweg (see HEAD (Cf. head) (adj.) + WAY (Cf. way)). Sense of motion forward first attested 1748, short for ahead way; ultimately nautical (Cf. leeway) …   Etymology dictionary

  • headway — pace, *speed, velocity, momentum, impetus Analogous words: advance, progress (see under ADVANCE vb): *motion, movement …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • headway — [n] progress advance, advancement, anabasis, ground, improvement, increase, march, proficiency, progression, promotion, way; concepts 230,704 Ant. block, hindrance, stoppage …   New thesaurus

  • headway — ► NOUN ▪ forward movement or progress …   English terms dictionary

  • headway — [hed′wā΄] n. 1. forward motion 2. progress or success in work, etc. 3. HEADROOM ☆ 4. the difference in time or distance between two trains, ships, etc. traveling in the same direction over the same course …   English World dictionary

  • Headway — The headway between vehicles in public transit systems is the time between two vehicles passing the same point traveling in the same direction on a given route. This term is most frequently applied to rail transport, where the number of tracks is …   Wikipedia

  • headway — headway1 /hed way /, n. 1. forward movement; progress in a forward direction: The ship s headway was slowed by the storm. 2. progress in general: headway in a career. 3. rate of progress: a slight headway against concerted opposition. 4. the time …   Universalium

  • headway — head|way [ˈhedweı] n make headway a) to make progress towards achieving something used especially when this is difficult make headway towards/in/with etc ▪ Foreign firms have made little headway in the U.S. market. b) to move forwards used… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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