I adjective averse, balking, balky, cautious, dallying, debating, deliberate, demurring, diffident, doubtful, doubting, equivocal, faltering, fluctuating, groping, halfhearted, hesitating, hesitative, indecisive, irresolute lacking confidence, loath, pausing, qualmish, reluctant, shrinking, shy, slow, tentative, timid, unassured, uncertain, unconfident, undecided, unresolved, unsettled, unsure, vacillating, wavering associated concepts: hestitant buyer, hestitant reluctant seller II index disinclined, irresolute, leery, noncommittal, recreant, reluctant, suspicious (distrustful), undecided

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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  • hésitant — hésitant, ante [ ezitɑ̃, ɑ̃t ] adj. • 1829; les hésitans subst. 1721; de hésiter 1 ♦ (Personnes) Qui hésite, a de la peine à se déterminer. ⇒ 1. incertain, indécis, irrésolu. Être, demeurer hésitant. ⇒ perplexe. Des responsables tout hésitants. ⇒ …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Hesitant — Hes i*tant, a. [L. haesitans, p. pr. of haesitare: cf. F. h[ e]sitant. See {Hesitate}.] 1. Not prompt in deciding or acting; hesitating. [1913 Webster] 2. Unready in speech. Baxter. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • hésitant — hésitant, ante (é zi tan, tan t ) adj. Qui hésite. C est une femme toujours indécise, toujours hésitante.    Qui prononce avec difficulté. Voix hésitante …   Dictionnaire de la Langue Française d'Émile Littré

  • hesitant — 1640s, probably a back formation from HESITANCY (Cf. hesitancy), or else from L. haesitantem. Related: Hesitantly …   Etymology dictionary

  • hesitant — reluctant, loath, averse, indisposed, *disinclined Analogous words: *fearful, afraid, apprehensive: diffident, *shy, bashful: recoiling, flinching, blenching, shrinking (see RECOIL) Contrasted words: *eager, avid, keen: resolute, steadfast,… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • hesitant — [adj] uncertain, waiting afraid, averse, backward, dawdling, delaying, diffident, disinclined, doubtful, doubting, faltering, half hearted, halting, hanging back, hesitating, indecisive, irresolute, lacking confidence, lazy, loath, reluctant, shy …   New thesaurus

  • hesitant — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ slow to act or speak through indecision or reluctance. DERIVATIVES hesitance noun hesitancy noun hesitantly adverb …   English terms dictionary

  • hesitant — [hez′i tənt] adj. [L haesitans: see HESITANCY] hesitating or undecided; vacillating; doubtful SYN. RELUCTANT hesitantly adv …   English World dictionary

  • hesitant — hes|i|tant [ˈhezıtənt] adj uncertain about what to do or say because you are nervous or unwilling ▪ Gail gave me a hesitant little smile. hesitant about (doing) sth ▪ They seemed hesitant about coming in. hesitant to do sth ▪ She is hesitant to… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • hesitant — adj. hesitant about (they are hesitant about signing a contract) * * * [ hezɪt(ə)nt] hesitant about (they are hesitant about signing a contract) …   Combinatory dictionary

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