index alone (solitary), respectively

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  • independently — UK US /ˌɪndɪˈpendəntli/ adverb ► without being controlled or influenced by the government or another organization: independently of sb/sth »The person appointed shall act independently of the Board. »independently examined/verified/tested ► done… …   Financial and business terms

  • Independently — In de*pend ent*ly, adv. In an independent manner; without control. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • independently — [adv] alone all by one’s self, apart, autonomously, by oneself, exclusive of, freely, individually, of one’s own volition, one at a time, one by one, on one’s own, separately, severally, singly, solo, unaided, unrestrictedly, unsupervised,… …   New thesaurus

  • independently — adv. Independently is used with these adjectives: ↑organized, ↑wealthy Independently is used with these verbs: ↑act, ↑assess, ↑conduct, ↑confirm, ↑evaluate, ↑evolve, ↑exist, ↑function, ↑ …   Collocations dictionary

  • independently of — preposition : without regard to : apart from : aside from : irrespective of independently of what you may think, I have my own convictions it aims rather at persuading the people, independently of what the state may or may not want M.R.Masani …   Useful english dictionary

  • independently — independent ► ADJECTIVE 1) free from outside control or influence. 2) (of a country) self governing. 3) not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. 4) not connected with another; separate. 5) (of broadcasting, a school, etc.) not… …   English terms dictionary

  • independently — adverb 1. on your own; without outside help (Freq. 6) the children worked on the project independently • Derived from adjective: ↑independent 2. apart from others the clothes were hung severally • Syn: ↑severally …   Useful english dictionary

  • independently wealthy — adjective Possessing enough wealth that one does not need financial support from another person and does not require income from employment. I happen to be independently wealthy, a clerk no longer …   Wiktionary

  • independently adv — Happy 4th of July! said Tom independently …   English expressions

  • independently engaged — For the purposes of an exception to a provision for unemployment compensation, a business or trade established and conducted independently of an employer. Fuller Brush Co. v Industrial Cont. 99 Utah 97, 104 P2d 201, 129 ALR 511 …   Ballentine's law dictionary

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