indicating difference

indicating difference
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  • Difference due to Memory — (Dm) indexes differences in neural activity during the study phase of an experiment for items that subsequently are remembered compared to items that are later forgotten. It is mainly discussed as an event related potential (ERP) effect that… …   Wikipedia

  • difference — /ˈdɪfrəns / (say difruhns) noun 1. the state or relation of being different; dissimilarity. 2. an instance or point of unlikeness or dissimilarity. 3. a significant change in or effect upon a situation. 4. a distinguishing characteristic;… …  

  • Difference density map — In protein crystallography, a difference density map shows the spatial distribution of the difference between the measured electron density of the crystal and the electron density explained by the current model. Conventionally, they are displayed …   Wikipedia

  • Temporal difference learning — is a prediction method. It has been mostly used for solving the reinforcement learning problem. TD learning is a combination of Monte Carlo ideas and dynamic programming (DP) ideas. [2] TD resembles a Monte Carlo method because it learns by… …   Wikipedia

  • Remote Indicating Systems — are systems that let pilots know where certain control surfaces are in their movements. Such systems include landing gears, flaps, and control valves.There are two types of indicating systems used in airplanes. One is called an Autosyn system,… …   Wikipedia

  • LGBT parenting — refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people parenting one or more children. This includes children raised by same sex couples (same sex parenting), children raised by single LGBT parents, and children raised by an opposite sex …   Wikipedia

  • differential thermometer — noun : a thermometer for indicating difference in temperature * * * differential thermometer noun A thermometer for measuring difference of temperature • • • Main Entry: ↑differ …   Useful english dictionary

  • distinctive — I adjective characteristic, conspicuous, contrasting, diacritical, different, differentiating, differentiative, differing, discriminating, distinct, distinguishing, exclusive, idiomatic, idiosyncratic, indicating difference, indicative,… …   Law dictionary

  • allo- — a word element indicating difference, alternation, or divergence, as in allonym, allomerism. Also, all . {Greek, combining form of allos other} …  

  • than — [than] conj. [ME than, thene, thonne < OE thenne, thanne, thonne, orig., then: for IE base see THAT] 1. introducing the second element in a comparison, following an adjective or adverb in the comparative degree: if the first element is a… …   English World dictionary

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