I (deceitfulness) noun concealment of truth, cozenage, craft, craftiness, cunning, deceit, deception, deviousness, dishonesty, disingenuity, disingenuousness, dissimulation, duplicity, falsehood, falseness, fraud, fraudulency, guile, hypocrisy, improbity, insincerity, intrigue, lack of candidness, lack of conscience, lack of probity, mendaciousness, mendacity, obliqueness, obliquity, perfidiousness, perfidy, perversion of truth, pretense, prevarication, slyness, underhandedness, unstraightforwardness, untrustworthiness, untruthfulness II (indirect action) noun aberrance, aberrancy, circuitous action, circuitous route, circuitousness, circuity, circumflexion, circumlocution, crookedness, departure, deviation, deviousness, digression, divagation, obliquation, obliqueness, obliquity, periphrasis, roundabout action, roundaboutness, straying, swerve, unstraightforward action, zigzag III index corruption, deceit, deception, falsification, improbity, pettifoggery

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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