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  • Infallibilism — most commonly refers to a view, in epistemology (a branch of philosophy dealing primarily with the nature and conditions of knowledge), which states that in order for a person, s , to have knowledge of a proposition p it necessarily must be the… …   Wikipedia

  • infallibilism — in·fallibilism …   English syllables

  • infallibilism — (ˈ)in+ noun 1. : support of or adherence to the dogma of papal infallibility 2. : a belief that scientific laws are not subject to change opposed to fallibilism …   Useful english dictionary

  • Epistemology — (from Greek επιστήμη episteme , knowledge + λόγος , logos ) or theory of knowledge is a branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope (limitations) of knowledge. [Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Volume 3, 1967, Macmillan, Inc.] The term… …   Wikipedia

  • Charles Sanders Peirce bibliography — C. S. Peirce articles  General:    Charles Sanders Peirce Charles Sanders Peirce bibliography Philosophical:    Categories (Peirce) Semiotic elements and   classes of signs (Peirce) Pragmatic maxim • Pragmaticism… …   Wikipedia

  • George Mary Searle — (* 27. Juni 1839 in London; † 27. Juni 1918) war ein US amerikanischer Astronom und Geistlicher. Im Jahre 1858 entdeckte er den Asteroiden (55) Pandora. Darüber hinaus entdeckte er sechs Galaxien …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • certitude — I noun absolute certainty, absoluteness, ascertained fact, assurance, assuredness, attestation, certainness, certainty, certainty of meaning, conclusiveness, confidence, confidentness, conviction, dead certainty, definiteness, freedom from error …   Law dictionary

  • assurance — Synonyms and related words: Bible oath, absolute certainty, absoluteness, acceptation, acception, accident insurance, acquiescence, actuary, agreement, aid and comfort, annuity, aplomb, arrogance, ascertainment, aspiration, assumption, assured… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • bigotry — Synonyms and related words: Anglophobia, Russophobia, Sabbatarianism, abhorrence, abomination, anti Semitism, antipathy, authoritarianism, aversion, balkiness, bias, bibliolatry, blind side, blind spot, blinders, bullheadedness, closed mind,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • dogmatism — Synonyms and related words: Sabbatarianism, balkiness, bibliolatry, bigotry, blindness, bullheadedness, deafness, determination, doggedness, dogmaticalness, evangelicalism, fanaticism, fixed mind, fundamentalism, hardheadedness, headstrongness,… …   Moby Thesaurus

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