index atrocity, delinquency (misconduct), grievance, ground, guilt, injustice, misdeed, transgression, vice, wrong

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  • Iniquity — Gründung: 1989 Auflösung: 2004 Herkunftsland: Dänemark Genre: Death Metal Website: (offline) …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Iniquity — In*iq ui*ty, n.; pl. {Iniquities}. [OE. iniquitee, F. iniquit[ e], L. iniquitas, inequality, unfairness, injustice. See {Iniquous}.] [1913 Webster] 1. Absence of, or deviation from, just dealing; lack of rectitude or uprightness; gross injustice; …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • iniquity — c.1300, hostility, malevolence; a hostile action, from O.Fr. iniquité wickedness, unfavorable situation, from L. iniquitatem (nom. iniquitas) unequalness, unevenness, injustice, noun of quality from iniquus unjust, unequal; slanting, steep, from… …   Etymology dictionary

  • iniquity — [n] sin, evil abomination, baseness, crime, evildoing, heinousness, immorality, infamy, injustice, miscreancy, misdeed, offense, sinfulness, unfairness, unrighteousness, wickedness, wrong, wrongdoing; concept 645 Ant. good, goodness, virtue …   New thesaurus

  • iniquity — ► NOUN (pl. iniquities) ▪ injustice or immoral behaviour. DERIVATIVES iniquitous adjective iniquitously adverb iniquitousness noun. ORIGIN Latin iniquitas, from iniquus not equal or just …   English terms dictionary

  • iniquity — [i nik′wi tē] n. [ME iniquite < OFr iniquité < L iniquitas < iniquus, unequal < in , not + aequus, EQUAL] 1. lack of righteousness or justice; wickedness 2. pl. iniquities a wicked, unjust, or unrighteous act …   English World dictionary

  • Iniquity — Infobox musical artist Name = Iniquity Img capt = Img size = 250 Landscape = yes Background = group or band Origin = Copenhagen, Denmark Genre = Death metal Technical death metal Years active = 1989 2004 Label = Emanzipation Production Mighty… …   Wikipedia

  • iniquity — inequity, iniquity These two words are related in form, meaning, and derivation. Inequity is the opposite of equity and means ‘inequality, unfairness, injustice’: • He believes that politicians need to tackle the inequities that divide society… …   Modern English usage

  • iniquity — in|iq|ui|ty [ıˈnıkwıti] n plural iniquities [U and C] formal [Date: 1200 1300; : Old French; Origin: iniquité, from Latin, from aequus equal ] the quality of being very unfair or evil, or something that is very unfair iniquity of ▪ He went on and …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Iniquity — Vice Vice, n. [F., from L. vitium.] 1. A defect; a fault; an error; a blemish; an imperfection; as, the vices of a political constitution; the vices of a horse. [1913 Webster] Withouten vice of syllable or letter. Chaucer. [1913 Webster] Mark the …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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