in·qui·ry /'in-ˌkwīr-ē, in-'kwīr-ē; 'in-kwə-rē, 'iŋ-/ n pl -ries
1: a request for information
such doubt as would cause a reasonable person to make an inquiry
2: a systematic official investigation often of a matter of public interest esp. by a body (as a legislative committee) with power to compel testimony
on inquiry: having notice that inquiry should be made

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law. . 1996.

I (request for information) noun examination, examination into facts or principles, exploration, hearing, inquisition, interrogatio, interrogation, investigation, percontatio, poll, probe, query, question, scrutiny, search, search for information, survey associated concepts: duty to inquire, inquiry into title, reasonable inquiry, speculative inquiry foreign phrases:
- Quaerere dat sapere quae sunt legitima vere. — Inquiry is the way to know what things are truly lawful.
- Quaeras de dubiis legem bene dlscere si vis. — Inquire into doubtful matters if you wish to understand the law well
- Quaere de dubiis, quia per rationes pervenitur ad legit imam rationem. — Inquire into doubtful matters, because by reasoning we arrive at legal reason
II (systematic investigation) noun analyzation, asking, assay, canvassing, cognitio, conference, delving into evidence, disquisition, examination, exploration, fundamental research, hearing, hearing of evidence, inquest, inquisitio, inquisition, interrogation, investigation, legal trial, narrow search, overview, perusal, probe, pursuit, quaestio, question, research, scrutiny, search, study, survey, trial associated concepts: Grand jury inquiry, judicial inquiry, public inquiry III index analysis, conversation, cross-examination, cross-questioning, deliberation, discovery, hearing, indagation, inquest, inspection, interrogation, investigation, judgment (discernment), market (demand), matter (case), poll (canvass), probe, pursuit (chase), quest, research, scrutiny, test, trial (experiment), trial (legal proceeding), voir dire

Burton's Legal Thesaurus. . 2006

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